How do I find my domain?

How do I find my domain?
Your domain is the name that appears in the URL of your website address. To launch your new UpDog website, we will need access to your domain registrar- the account where your domain is registered. 

 Need a Domain?

If you do not own a domain for your business's website, let us know your top three choices. We will register your first choice if it's available, for the first year. 

 Have a Domain?

If you do own a domain, or multiple domains, we will need access to your domain registrar. Some of the most commonly used registrars include:


In order to launch your website, we will need the username and password to your domain registrar account. Your information is safe with us. We are simply logging into your registrar and editing your Domain Name Servers (DNS). 

For example, if your domain was registered on, we need your GoDaddy username and password.

Find Your Domain Registrar

If you need help finding out what your domain registrar is, follow these steps:

1. Go to

2. Enter your domain name, as in, into the WHOIS field. Click WHOIS.

3. Your registrar is stated next to Registrar:

4. Registrant Name: states who registered the domain. If it is someone other than yourself, then this is the person who will be able to help you find your domain username and password. 

5. Admin Email: displays the email address of the person who receives any communications from the domain registrar regarding the domain. 


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